Who is the artist behind the brush?

For many, going to the gym is the key to starting their day. For Kristin (kris-TEEN), a cathartic morning ritual consists of applying makeup while sipping on a warm cup of coffee. The meticulous process of designing a look – from foundation to mascara – is akin to setting the tone and color for the day. Makeup is about vanity; more importantly, it is a mode of self expression that empowers women.

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Kristin’s plight into makeup artistry was not a direct one, but does anything in life ever go as planned? While studying Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, Maryland, Kristin aspired to become a physician. Between dance practices, meetings for extracurricular clubs, and studying for countless hours at the library, Kristin moonlighted as the resident makeup artist for her friends’ formals and dance performances. She did not own professional grade makeup brushes or have formal training, however her friends trusted her inherent skills, proclaiming, “Your makeup always looks so good!”

Since 2009, Kristin has worked with top of the line beauty companies, including MAC Cosmetics and Sephora and freelanced for New York City bridal companies.

Kristin has graciously learned that every client is unique and that their beauty experience should be tailored to many factors, including personal makeup preference, style, and skin type. Kristin strives to exceed her clients' expectations and build meaningful relationships with all of the women graced with her GLAM.


Zophia Makeup