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Bridal GLAM: Destination Wedding Quandry

“Creativity takes courage.” – Henri Matisse


What’s a bride to do when her makeup artist is unable to attend her destination wedding?

Betsy Garcete, CEO and Founder of Washington, D.C. startup Zophia, Inc., pondered over this predicament as she stared down at her extensive wedding checklist. She hadn’t a clue where to find a makeup artist in another country, let alone in a remote location that is six hours by car from the nearest major city in England. Needless to say, she gave me a ring to set up a bridal glam consultation to learn how she could achieve a flawless look on her THE BIGGEST DAY OF HER LIFE!

Our bridal consultation went a little something like this…

We set up a video conference to discuss her concerns (damn you hereditary eye bags!), demonstrated a few techniques for Betsy practice, and rummaged through her makeup bag to figure out what products she needed to purchase before her big day.

At the end of our consultation, we set up a date for a one-on-one tutorial session where I demonstrated bridal makeup application on half of Betsy’s face and then coached Betsy through glamming up the other side.

Ethereal Beauty Tutorial


Finished look, sans falsies, which are SO very necessary for wedding photos!! Flawless finish, if I do say so myself!!


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